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Spiritual Connection Radio- A radio show for exploring spiritual awareness.     
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Book Recommendations
Letting the Divine Take the Lead
Outrageous Openness
A compilation of funny, irreverently reverent stories on aligning with the Divine in daily life. It’s written for the passionately spiritual and bemusedly skeptical alike.   I know without doubt that a Force of Love exists that can guide, help and interact with each of us in the most intimate and practical way no matter what the conditions.   If only we know how to invite It in.  This book will tell you how.   My overriding passion for inviting and dancing with this Force eventually gave birth to “Outrageous Openness”.

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Togo- Humanitarian Programmes:


We are so happy to send you the most recent pictures of our humanitarian programmes in Togo! You will find out more about our brand new orphenage which is almost finished building, about the start of the school year of the children, about the recent improvements of our income generating activities programme for widows...
Please see the bottom of the following page of our website with the pictures and explanations : 


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Carey Stokes- Sacred Journeys, Indigenous Energy Medicine, Shamanic Teacher
Carey teaches, lectures, holds workshops and retreats, Sacred Studies,
Trainings and Retreats of Native South and North America Wisdom Keepers Traditions.
Email: info@medicinewindwarrior.com Tel# 954-907-3006
Website: www.careystokes.com

Michele Denise- Tours to John of God and Crystal Light Bed Sessions
Guided tours to the world famous healing center of John of God in Brazil. Michele is an experienced and compassionate group leader to those seeking mental and spiritual clarity and physical healings on their journey. Michele also offers crystal light bed sessions and Reiki at her office in Asheville NC. Please call 828 423-148


Victoria Williams- Spiritual Guidance and Coach

Using the Motherpeace tarot Victoria is able to give you loving guidance that will help you with your life.  She also does readings out of Kripalu, in Stockbridge MA.  You can book an appt to see her at Kripalu or you can have a reading on the phone.  Call  413-889-1793
Website:  www.victoriaguidance.com


Lynn Troop- Readings, Reiki Healing, House Clearing, Mentoring & Classes
Rated the best reading in 2011.   A reading with Lynn is life changing. 

Marty Palinic- Soul Contracts, Archetypal, Natal Charts, Akashic Records,
Shadow Work and Intuitive
Have you wanted to know your soul contracts, your archetypes and what shadow work you should work on in this life?  Get a reading with Marty, he is very caring and gives you lots of great info during the call.    Website:


Dr. Connie McNeil- Spiritual Adviser, Life Coach, Author and Lecturer
In my work as a clinical psychologist, I have developed a one-of-a-kind approach to living the kind of life you have always dreamed of, combining traditional psychotherapy, psychic skills, and tarot and and angel card readings.

Website:  www.drconniesays.com


Comments, Feedback, or Ideas?  info@spiritualjourneynj.org